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Stay involved in Buellton

By Larry Rankin - Buellton

Though it did not affect me personally, I started the campaign against the Buellton city RV, boat, and trailer ordinance to speak out against the impingement on our property rights and freedoms without proper notification and due process. We spoke up, and the ordinance has been suspended, but it will be revised and re-introduced in the future. I called the Buellton City Hall and they were unable to tell me exactly when the ordinance will be on the agenda again.

Due to personal time constraints, I will no longer be active in determining the fate of this ordinance from here forward. I am proud of all of the Buellton citizens, the mayor, and the City Council for the way everyone conducted themselves in this exercise of democracy. If this ordinance affects you personally as an RV, boat, or trailer owner or affects your principles with regard to personal freedom and property rights, I urge you to stay involved. Attend City Council meetings and let your voice be heard. Even though I will not be participating, the issue is not over and your voice is what counts in what happens to this ordinance form here forward. What happens now is up to you. Thanks to everyone for your patience, your caring, your diligence, and your hard work.

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