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Civilized, sustainable health care

By Bill Kleinbauer - Santa Maria

In the July 5 Santa Maria Times editorial, "Paying for our health," the only fix to "Obamacare" that was mentioned is to go to a Medicare-like program for everyone.

Much more effective health care, with dramatic cost savings, was proposed by Dr. John McDougall in his March 2017 free monthly newsletter! Go online to to read the details. It would be great if his total article was published, and his recommendations implemented by Congress.

Here are two quotes that we can endorse:

"We need a 'medical military-like effort' similar to our Armed Forces in order to provide Americans relief from the epidemics of obesity and deadly illnesses affecting not just a few citizens, but everyone living in the U.S. Necessary medications, surgeries, and hospitalizations are basic rights that I believe should be available to all citizens, rich or poor, under universal health care.

"Just as important, people should be educated about and protected from the architects of our most common illnesses, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The government has a duty to protect us from not only foreign (such as terrorists) but also domestic threats, such as big tobacco, big alcohol, big food, big medicine (physicians), big pharma, and big hospitals."

You can take powerful action now by adopting a healthy, whole foods, plant-based diet, as championed for more than 50 years by the truth-seeking experts. This diet is also the major way to reduce our planet's rapid deterioration. My latest educating contribution is online at

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