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Stop with CO2 madness

By Jan Lipski - Vandenberg Village

Anthropogenic. I can barely say the word without pausing, taking a deep breath, and then like a sprinter, saying "anthropogenic." It's one of those made-up scientific-sounding words often paired with climate change. Probably Latin derived. Doctors, lawyers, biologists, and such all make up words with Latin derivation to sound scientific. Also, Latin is a dead language no one uses anymore except when they want to sound scientific. As hard as it is to say, bet you can't say it three times fast; it's even harder to swallow. CO2 makes up, hang on to your propeller beanies for this one, .04 percent of the atmosphere. The largest atomospheric percentage is nitrogen at 78 percent. Oxygen that sustains our life comes in at 21 percent and rarely varies more than few percent (at sea level) or we would become ill. Ask anyone who works in confined spaces and uses an O2 meter. All of this is self-regulating, and has been since before recorded time. You don't need a consensus of scientific minds because it's pretty much self-evident.

CO2 as a greenhouse gas comes in at a lowly 10 to 26 percent—barely twice the combined methane and ozone components at about 5 percent each. The largest greenhouse gas is water vapor. Since water vapor is highly variable, it affects the balance ratios of the other gasses. Gives one pause when they advertise hydrogen powered cars as only giving off water vapor. If we all drive hydrogen cars, forget about CO2.

Let's get real. Follow the money. The government doesn't give grants to scientists to prove humans are not changing the climate with CO2. There's money to be made getting along with the government agenda. What's the big picture? Can you say, "global government"? Take a deep breath and exhale. The plants will love you for it. They're pumping out their little photosynthesis hearts to produce shade trees, oak firewood, yummy vegetables, natural fibers to make clothing, and oxygen. Do a little Googling to find out how greenhouse farmers use CO2 generators to increase plant growth.

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