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Canary is a twit

By Justin Ruhge - Lompoc

Your anti-Trump tirade in your last column is unbelievable (“Warheads,” May 4). After eight years of that idiot, Obama, how can you complain about any president, especially an outstanding one like Trump? It just shows what little twits you tabloid publishers are. For we 80-something seniors, who have seen and heard all of the presidents since Roosevelt, by far the Obamanation was the worst, even worse than Carter.

And for you to think that Trump is less trustworthy than that tinhorn, American-hating shyster is beyond any sense of reason. Most of those “organizations” you cited are repeat people with different names and some are funded by the foreign Hungarian billionaire, George Soros. What is more distressing is that you people demonstrating against Trump are the same that elected Obama twice. How can anyone be so stupid?

Do you really think for one minute that Hillary could run this country? If you do, you are the same that vo ted for Obama twice.

We support President Trump and see you media people for what you are: small.

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