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Responding to Mr. Kahn

By David E. Baskett - Santa Maria

If Mr. Kahn and your readers are interested in a "open letter" discussion about Islam I am willing to start with some questions for Mr. Kahn to answer, and he is welcome to ask questions about Christianity.

Question one: Is Mr. Kahn Sunni, Shia, Wahhabi, or Sufi?

Question two: Since many Muslims are threatened with death for questioning Islam, why not allow them freedom to worship as they choose instead?

Question three: Since Islam allows four wives and the ratio of boys and girls at birth is about 1:1, with that ratio remaining for most of life, if one man has four wives, does that not mean that three men will not have any?

Does that not cause a lot of social problems in Muslim nations and help result in "jihadis" looking for the 72 virgins after killing themselves and others with suicide bombs that tear apart the innocent?

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