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Dear Muslims

By David E. Baskett - Santa Maria

Editor’s note: This letter is in reply to the March 30 cover story “Meet a Muslim.”

Welcome, as my neighbors to our beautiful Central Coast area.

I invite you to our houses of worship where we will soon celebrate the risen savior who left an empty tomb and told us to care for others while waiting for him to return.

I have often worked with Muslims in business and enjoy the camaraderie of some and share many of the same dreams for our families.

I am worried about some things however.

Our foundations, thus our histories, values, and worldviews starting from A.D. 32 and A.D. 632 are often quite different.

Our founder, who came in the form of a Jewish baby, born poor in a manger, gave himself totally for us and commanded us to go into all nations with the gospel of grace and forgiveness.

We love life!

Many “Christians” since then have done terrible things that were in total conflict with our foundation, his teachings, and we rebuke them.

My understanding of Muhammad, a warrior whose bones still lie in a tomb in Medina, is that he sent his followers to fight, subjugate, and kill others for him to have a better life, and they and their families are honored by many Muslims and their leaders when they do.

The troubled American experience with Muslims started at the time of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and continues with 9/11 and later actions now seared into our generation’s memories.

Muslim leaders have publicly said that “Muslims love death as Christians love life,” and there is continuing evidence to support that.

I look forward to the day when new Christian churches can be built in Muslim nations as mosques have been built in non-Muslim countries.

In the meantime, you, who I believe are also loved by our Lord, our creator, are welcome to visit and share a meal.

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