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Santa Maria Sun / Letter To The Editor

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Seeing red

By Peggy Waleri - Santa Maria

In the publication from Jan. 26 of the Sun, I know I am late in responding, but Mr. Gale McNeeley’s so-called poem (“A poem for Inauguration Day”) needs to be addressed. This piece was so ridiculous, disgusting, obnoxious, and so un-American, that I was sick to my stomach reading through it. Free speech gets so carried away with some folks. I hope he realizes that most of America doesn’t stand where he does and hopefully it will be eight years and not just four years. He forgets the eight years of hell that the sensible folks in this nation went through with Barack. His reign couldn’t end soon enough; this man very effectively created all the reasons why the nation went red on Nov. 8.

It seems that nothing will make Gale happy, but hey, let him write his heart out for the next eight years. Perhaps he will attain his own sense of horror and fear of losing our nation that was almost achieved with Barack. Now, we have an individual who actually loves our country and doesn’t want to destroy it.

In the same issue of the Sun, I liked Justin Ruhge’s comments on Carbajal (“Rep. Salud Carbajal, disappointing,” Jan. 26). He is absolutely the wrong person for that position. And he is carrying on for Barack. 

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