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Support the lesser of two evils


By Krista Basham

Christina Renfroe’s letter (“Every human life has value,” Jan. 22) is a fine example of the left-leaning media’s influence on people who do not take the time to research issues for themselves. A simple example of this misinformation is the fact that F-16s (even with Israeli modifications) are classified as fighters, not bombers as Ms. Renfroe states.

Regardless of how Ms. Renfroe decides to misidentify them, the electronics on both the Apaches and the F-16s are extremely precise in comparison to the guidance-lacking Qassam rockets which are lobbed over into Israeli territory, destroying whatever chance deems them to hit. In addition, Israel possesses a structured air force, and their target lists include only those which are tactically important, such as Hamas militant strongholds and weapons arsenals. No one can deny that there have been civilian casualties; that is an unfortunate part of war. Yet it is the media’s Palestinian-sympathizing view that Israel has partaken in intentional “maiming and killing of innocent and defenseless Palestinian children” and people become pawns of their message without looking at actual facts and figures.

Hamas, classified years ago by the international community as a terrorist organization, attacks Israel indiscriminately. Estimates from both sides claim that Palestinians have launched more than 10,000 rocket attacks on Israel in the past seven years. How could 10,000 ballistic missile attacks not be targeting civilians? The media is always quick to report the Israeli airstrikes and Palestinian civilian casualties, and yet they fail to report many, if not most, of these terrorist attacks on Israeli soil.  Ironically enough, Palestinians have been known to send their children, strapped down with explosives, to Israeli checkpoints. Yes, the same children they are trying to save from the warmongering Israelis. Ms. Renfroe conveniently fails to mention this blatant human rights issue in her letter.

I cannot tell you how sick I am of hearing about the war-mongering, bloodthirsty Israelis and the “Save the Palestinians” cause. If one simply researches the conflict, it is apparent that the human rights violations are substantially larger on the part of the Palestinians. They are not the innocent, misunderstood society that the media portrays them to be. Their consistent use of terrorist tactics has not made me a supporter of their cause, however just it may be. I do not agree with some of the tactics used by the Israelis in this ongoing conflict, but I will gladly support Israel instead of a well-documented terrorist organization.  Anyone know where I can find one of those “Support Israel” bumper stickers? I would like to fight the “maiming and killing of innocent and defenseless Palestinian children” by their own society.

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