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Immigrants have an adverse impact

By Boris Roberts - Santa Maria

Shelly, that’s a pretty one-sided, sad, sad, story (“Life on Alert,” Oct. 15, 2015). The poor, poor illegals, oh, excuse me, undocumented aliens.

Before I start, I’ll tell you, my mother is an immigrant (Japanese), my wife is an immigrant (Surinamese/Dutch). I don’t hate anyone. Before the racist card gets thrown.

But why not present the whole story, instead of sugar coating it? I get it, they are from a horrible place, no jobs, corrupt government, drug cartels, danger. And somewhere along the line, it is all our (the U.S.) fault. But why not tell the truth about what is happening here?

According to Wikipedia, approximately
3 to 4 percent of illegal aliens work in ag. That kind of blows the line about “they do the work Americans won’t,” regarding picking vegetables and fruits. Do you know many people in the construction trades? I know a lot. And every one of them has had their wages reduced, from $25 to $30/hour in the 90s, to $15 an hour, sometimes less, because an illegal alien will do it, without workers comp, without health insurance, without paying taxes. The industry has been decimated by illegal labor. You can blame the employers, but if the guys weren’t here in abundance, they wouldn’t hire them.

Besides construction, roofing, paving, tile work, and all the other trades, there are jobs like gardening (how many Japanese and other gardeners did there used to be around here—they are gone, replaced by illegal labor), dishwashing, cooking in restaurants, and many, many other, back-door jobs held by illegal aliens.

Do you have any kids, Shelly? Remember the jobs that teens and college students used to do to work their way through school—dishwasher, fast food, car wash, etc.? Those are all held by illegal aliens now. Where is a student supposed to get some work experience, a little extra money, when some 30-40-50-year-old illegal alien gets that job and stays there for many years? My kids had to leave this area to find work.

Stolen SSI numbers. False identities. Unlicensed, uninsured drivers. Uninsured people using the emergency room, where they will NEVER pay, while you or I have to take up the slack.

Many, many more examples, but you get the gist. It is absurd. It is NOT to help them in any way. It is to use them to make money. Both Republicans and Democrats want them here, because both make loads of money off of them. But the rest of us have to take up the slack and pay higher bills.

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