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They have no rights

By Justin M. Ruhge - Concerned Taxpayers Inc., Lompoc

Your article entitled “Life on Alert,” Oct. 15, 2015, depicts the plight of an illegal alien Mexican woman in a biased, anti-American sympathetic way. Your Sun paper aids and abets her illegal status. She should be wary of being deported. She is here illegally—without papers as is her companion. Just what does the Sun not understand about ILLEGAL?

As an alien she has no rights. If the situation was reversed and she was illegal in Mexico she would be deported, or worse, thrown into their miserable jails. You media types do not believe in our American laws, only if they suit you like the president does. Your use of “undocumented immigrants” just illustrates your “double think” about the issues. 

The reason she is here is because Mexico is such a degenerate and failed country. They are at war with the U.S. because they will not control their border and do nothing to stop illegal aliens from escaping their miserable environment. In doing so they violate our sovereignty, and act of war.

You make the U.S. look like the bad guys when the problem is Mexico, where stupidity and incompetence reigns as it has since the Spanish left in 1821.

And yes, most of the illegals do a decent job and want a good life, and the American immigration laws are not clear, but we are much more tolerant of people’s plight than you would see in Mexico. Most illegals do have a chance of a better life in the U.S. 

I wish them well. My folks were legal immigrants from Poland in 1858.

The people that prey on the poor Mexican workers are also illegal aliens, not American citizens.

The problems are there, but the direction of your views is wrong. 

ICE has every right to look into these illegals every day because “they are illegal.”

We Americans cannot make up for the failed governments all over the world that cause such pain for so many persons like your example.

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