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What sort of change are we talking about?

By Michael Southern - Santa Maria

An opinion piece by Heidi Harmon offered a perspective on climate change (“Climate crisis has no party affiliation,” July 10). But I have questions.

If all human endeavor in the United States were to stop, would global warming cease? If all these wind farms, solar panels, and dams were to be built on two percent of the land she states, whose two percent would be used? Two percent of the U.S. landmass is 3,794,100 square miles. The area of California is 163,696 square miles. So if an area half the size of California were covered by these renewable energy sources, would the United States be energy independent?

Harmon condemns the use of fossil fuels. What energy source other than fossil fuels can power a blast furnace to manufacture the steel needed to build the turbines for dams, towers for wind farms, structures for solar panel arrays?

If factories are to be dependent upon these renewable sources of energy, could they only be built where the sources of energy are plentiful? Not all parts of the United States have plentiful water resources for hydroelectric, nor steady winds for wind turbines, nor plentiful sunshine for solar arrays.

Will the deserts of the United States be covered with solar panels and major manufacturing moved to the desert? Will light manufacturing be relocated to the seacoast where wind turbines have steady wind currents? Will factories move to the major rivers of the United States so the dams needed for hydroelectric power can be built? How do we cover those ugly transmission wires traversing the countryside?

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