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Shouldn't we focus on real crime?

By Robert McCone - Santa Maria

The new Union Valley Parkway on/off ramp has quickly become a favorite, especially for those of us who live right next to it. However, immediately after opening, it also became a hotspot for CHPs and sheriff’s deputies to sit and ticket drivers. The ferocity with which they issue tickets there gives the impression that either our town is riddled with serious traffic violators, or that not all the tickets being issued are legitimate. I leave it to the reader to decide.

Our city has become one of the top 10 violent cities in California. Before the ramp opened, there was a string of daytime break-ins and thefts in the area. I lived in L.A. for seven years, but the only time my car has ever been broken into was in our town (twice). So I question whether spending the day sitting by an on/off ramp and giving traffic violations is really the best use of our law enforcement officers’ time. If more officers had been cruising the streets instead of laying traffic traps, perhaps that string of robberies would have never happened, and perhaps our city would be a safer place to live.

At a time when trust in our government is at an all-time low and we are still in a recession, is it really a good use of our tax dollars to have officers burden our town’s citizens with what amounts to an unwanted tax, not to mention increased insurance payments, when real crime is on the rise? Again, I leave that to the reader to decide.

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