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There's something about 'Mary'

By Diane Borad-Mirken - Nipomo

What a spectacular night! I was lucky enough to be able to attend the gala opening night of PCPA’s 50th anniversary season. It was the night we got to see the Marian Theatre’s completed renovation and, most importantly, Mary Poppins, the best show I’ve seen at PCPA in the 20 years I have lived in this area. But it was not only the show that was so wonderful, or the modernized theater, but the event itself. It was promised to be “an event like no other that Santa Maria has ever seen.” And it kept its promise. Everyone was dressed so glamorously, the food so delicious, the wine and champagne flowing so freely, and the excitement and enthusiasm over the top.

How very lucky we are in the Central Coast to have such a professional conservatory theater in our midst. The stage sets, costumes, acting, singing, and choreography exhibited in Mary Poppins put PCPA near the top of live theater in the United States today. No wonder we sometimes jokingly call our theater “off Broadway.” We are only a little off.

Whatever you do, especially if you have children, don’t miss Mary Poppins. It was a fabulous show for all ages. But hurry—they are almost sold out!

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