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Santa Maria Sun / Letter To The Editor

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I will protect my rights

By Mrs. Mickey Freeman - Santa Maria

What is wrong with our state officials? We should not be issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants; they came here illegally and do not deserve the privilege of a driver’s license. It is not a right, it is a privilege. Many of our accidents are caused by illegals’ hit and run. I do believe they will still run if they have an accident because most of them do not have insurance.

Their test will be in Spanish because they refuse to learn or speak English. How do we ever expect them to learn English if our state continues to enable them? A quote from an illegal states driving is a necessity; no, driving is a privilege in America. This is not Mexico. You obey our laws; you do not make up laws to suit you or any other illegals.

This is my country, and I will protect my rights as a God-fearing American citizen. People like her and politicians that defame our state with a bill such as this one should be voted out of office.

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