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Why the Core rush?

By Lori Anderson - Nipomo

After reading the recent article “Understanding the core” (Sept. 12), I am worried that parents have lost their ability to think critically about their children’s education?

I am sadly one of the few parents who have taken the time to pull back the curtain and explore these new standards beyond the buzzwords of “rigor,” “critical thinking,” and “higher order learning skills.” In doing so I am finding what many parents across the country are already experiencing: that Common Core is invasive to personal data, lowers the standards previously held in many states, and is leaving children feeling defeated and demoralized.

What I took away from the article is that we are rolling out these standards while our teachers lack adequate training, support materials, or the technology needed for the assessments. But as a parent I am supposed to blindly believe this is going to be great for my child? I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she realizes the wizard isn’t all great and powerful but is told to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Several statements in the article caught my attention. One in particular stated, “It’s an innovative process that not one person knows better than another.” Let’s define innovative: to begin something new; be creative. Common does not come close to defining innovative. If our kids are only expected to know as much as the next guy, then where does the next generation of real innovators come from?

I also found very disturbing, as I would hope all teachers truly dedicated to the art of teaching would, the comment “educators need to be retrained—not just in how they teach, but how they think about teaching.” It is a sad day for California and the nation when we cage both teachers and students and clip their wings. California soared when teachers where allowed the freedom to teach the way they deemed most beneficial for their students. And because of their love of teaching, our nation was highly regarded around the world for American creativity and innovation.

Why the mad rush to implement these federally mandated standards? Why the rush for California to relinquish control of education and put it solely in the hands of the federal government? Why are you not hearing the truth about these standards from your administrators and legislators? I am pleading with parents, teachers, and taxpayers to do your homework on these new standards before it’s too late for our children. Search beyond the propaganda being handed down from our state and federal educational departments and special interest corporations.

There is so much more to this, and the research I have done has led me to strongly believe these standards are horribly wrong for our children, our state and our country.

I will end with a quote from an article written by Lenore Ealy, titled “Common Core: A Tocquevillean Education or Cartel Federalism?”: “A national curriculum shaping the educational institutions available to American children for the first two decades of their lives might be a wonder, if it could work. If it does not, shall we celebrate that at least we gave our habits of liberty away voluntarily, with great philanthropic ideals of equity and excellence in mind? Maybe we should consider hedging our bets.”

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