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Ca' Del Grevino's Cafe and Wine Bar offers fine dining in a casual package


Highlights of the food menu at Ca’ Del Grevino Cafe and Wine Bar include a range of gourmet flatbread pizzas, include fig and prosciutto, which is drizzled with honey and topped with fresh avocados.

For some reason this week, I have “Food Glorious Food” from the musical Oliver! stuck in my head. I’ve been singing it nonstop for two days (much to the “delight” of those close to me who have to endure my shaky singing skills). So I’m giving in and writing about some truly glorious food that inspired this melody winding its way into my ear.
Ca’ Del Grevino has had a thriving winery and two tasting rooms for quite some time, hosting concerts and poetry. The cafe and wine bar at the venue in Old Orcutt has a full menu featuring snack faves such as flatbread pizzas and some other surprises I discovered during a recent trip.

After being teased with excellent word of mouth, I finally had a chance to get to know their menu, including their legendary tri-tip pizza, which everyone has been telling me to check out. The tasting room is luxuriously comfortable with lots of cozy seating inside. Big parties shouldn’t have any trouble finding a table to share and there are spaces for intimate couples, too. If you have a dog (like me) you’ll get to enjoy their outdoor seating, which is snug and also close to the live music, so you never have to miss out.

The best bite at Ca’ Del Grevino Cafe and Wine Bar is hands down the avocado bombs, fresh avocado balls filled with chopped shrimp and served with a spicy soy sauce.

That tri-tip pizza is as good as everyone has said. Flatbread pizzas at wineries are uber on trend right now, and Ca’ Del Grevino offers quite a good variety of them. Their tri-tip version is filled with big bites of meat along with red onions layered on a tangy red sauce and topped off with a balsamic reduction and bleu cheese. When you get the wine munchies, it’s nice to get something hearty that doesn’t make you feel too overstuffed, and this serves really well.
The proscuitto and fig flatbread is the best one I’ve had. It is drizzled with honey and topped with avocado slices, which I didn’t think would work but I like being proven wrong. The figs are what make this dish; they are plump and sweet, with a subtle undertone of vanilla. The honey complements the dish well and, impressively in this disappointing avocado season, the avocados were big and fresh and not underripe at all. It felt very seasonal and perfect for a cooler day.

Venues such as Ca’ Del Grevino Cafe and Wine Bar are great for grazing through appetizers, charcuterie boards, or baked brie with crisp crustini (pictured).

Another standout was the baked brie dish, an appetizer that’s perfect for sharing. It’s also sprinkled with candied walnuts and served with crostini. Not only is it a very pretty dish (sometimes it’s so hard to eat these things), but really well prepared. The texture is the perfect blend of cracker crisp on the outside and hot and gooey on the inside.
But the best thing on their menu has to be those avocado bombs. The dish is two perfectly spherical servings of avocado slices packed tightly with chopped shrimp and topped with leeks and carrots. But the spicy soy sauce really makes it unique. It’s definitely got a big kick of heat, but paired with the cool creaminess of the avocado this dish works perfectly.

In addition to an extensive selection of their wines available Ca’ Del Grevino Cafe and Wine Bar also has a full cocktail bar with some unusual creations including a Mermaid drink and their spin on the Moscow Mule.

If you’re just looking for a snack during a tasting, the Spanish-influenced charcuterie plate is perfect. There is also a good variety of salads and sandwiches if you’re not feeling the flatbread pizza vibe.
But it’s not just about the food. (Obviously, this is a winery tasting room.) In addition to a full assortment of their wines, the cafe also has a fully stocked bar and some unusual cocktails. I had their take on the Moscow Mule, made with gin and cucumbers, and it was absolutely delicious.


So, as the song goes “food glorious food/what is it we dream about?/What brings on a sigh?” If you’re looking for food to dream about, this is a great place to start.

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