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Santa Maria Sun / Eats

The cutest cupcakes in town: Daisy Delights brings gourmet baked goods to Nipomo


Who doesn’t love a good cupcake?

Seriously—they’re adorable. They’re tasty as hell. They come in all these creative gourmet flavors. They make it possible to eat an entire cake by yourself and feel like it was an OK decision.

Daisy Cisneros loads her gourmet cupcakes into a box behind the counter at her Nipomo bakery, Daisy Delights.

So whenever a cupcake bakery opens up nearby, it’s a joyous occasion—as it was when Daisy Delights came to Nipomo. Now coming up on its sixth month in business, Daisy Delights is all about those gourmet cupcakes and custom cakes for special occasions. And they’re pretty freaking delicious.

Owner Daisy Cisneros opened Daisy Delights in early April, after moving back home to the Central Coast from Fresno, where she sold baked goods from her home for five years and placed first in several cake competitions.

“It was at that point where it was either stay with my day job, or open up a bakery, because it’s getting really busy,” Cisneros said of her business.

Thus, Daisy Delights—Cisneros’ first bakery venture—was born. And its first half a year has been a success, she said.

Daisy Delights features a collection of classic cupcakes and specialty cupcakes, and it offers cake decorating for special occasions.

“It’s been going good,” she told me. “Steadily, people have been hearing about it. Every weekend we’ve had several cake orders. September’s been busy with weddings.”

She decorates cakes for weddings as well as bridal and baby showers, and pretty much every occasion under the sun. Her shop, located at 235 Tefft St. in Nipomo, boasts a cutesy pastel pink-and-white color scheme and a sign over the kitchen door reading, “Keep calm and eat cupcakes.” The bakery’s back wall sports Styrofoam examples of some of Cisneros’ best cake decorations, and the front case shows off her collection of cupcakes.

Flavors include strawberry shortcake, chocolate strawberry, the “Elvis” (banana cake with peanut butter frosting and bacon bits), birthday cake, and peanut butter cup. Sound yummy? They are. And they’re beautiful to boot, all thanks to Cisneros’ decorative skills.

“Everything’s made from scratch,” she said. “I try to use the freshest ingredients I can, like the strawberry cake is made from fresh strawberries, and I don’t color the cake batter pink.”

The Sun staff ate well after my trip to Daisy Delights.

She added that she tries to include fresh fruit in the frostings whenever possible.

The classic cupcake flavors (vanilla, birthday, chocolate and vanilla, etc.) run for $2.25, while the more complex specialty flavors (circus animal cookies, peanut butter and jelly, Samoa, etc.) go for $3.25.

I took a box back to the office with me to complement our weekly salad club (we like to keep it healthy here at the Sun) and admittedly I tried a few, namely the strawberry shortcake and the Samoa (yes, modeled after the Girl Scout cookie). They were amazing, so next time you’re out to fatten up your coworkers, I highly recommend grabbing a dozen at Daisy Delights. 

Let them eat cupcakes
Stop by Daisy Delights to pick up a few tasty treats at 235 Tefft St. in Nipomo. Daisy keeps her doors open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And if you are ready to celebrate and want a beautiful dessert, get more information at or call 619-7888.

Brenna Swanston might head downstairs and eat another cupcake. Send your mini-dessert guilty pleasures to