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Santa Maria Sun / Cover Story

The following article was posted on December 11th, 2013, in the Santa Maria Sun - Volume 14, Issue 40 [ Submit a Story ]
The following articles were printed from Santa Maria Sun [] - Volume 14, Issue 40

For the naughty person on your list

Tom Douvia’s business, Fetish Furniture, provides high-quality BDSM furniture, such as this St. Andrew’s Cross and pedestal.

We all have a body domination sadomasochist (BDSM) on our holiday gift list, right? Whether you’ve got a truly close friend or a family member who shares too much, there’s a perfect gift for those on the kinky side of things, and it’s crafted right here on the Central Coast.

Tom Douvia, a third-generation master carpenter, has worked for years as a professional contractor. But even after a full day’s work, he would find himself in his home workshop.

“When the economy took its toll on the housing market and construction industry, it put a lot of struggle on tradesmen, including myself,” he wrote in an e-mail interview. “I decided I could either start selling all the tools that I’ve worked so hard to collect over the years, or turn my woodworking hobby into a business, and that’s what I did.”

With a head full of ideas, Douvia went to look up plans online for a sawhorse for his workshop. That was when he saw a plan for bondage furniture, and everything clicked. His first spanking table sold the first day he posted it on eBay.

“I’ve been designing and building BDSM furniture now for over a year,” he said. “I pay particular attention to detail on every project I create; I want people to have that ‘wow’ factor when they receive their piece.”

An especially popular seller at is the sawhorse, or spanking table, complete with moving straps.

His work is viewable on his website (not dangerously graphic), which shows the quality of materials and effort put into each piece, right down to the finishing and leather straps. His work is so enjoyed that his customers go as far as to call the work art, he explained.

“The functionality, discreetness, and aesthetics all combined into a structurally sound piece of usable art is the definite catch-all too my products,” he wrote. “I do all the work myself and focus highly on quality.” 

Fetish Furniture

Tom Douvia can be reached at 878-1847,, via his website, or at his Etsy shop,