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A nation at war


America’s at war—a nation under attack by a twisted ideology which uses ignorance, lies, emotion, and ranting as substitutes for thought led by packs of anarchists who are attacking our culture, our history, and everything America stands for.

After decades of political inbreeding, these people are dysfunctional, arrogant, and hypocritical, interested only in disturbing the established order with confusion and chaos. They claim to be lovers of anti-violence and free speech but refuse to tolerate any disagreement and love to celebrate black-clad, masked terrorists like Antifa when they physically attack and beat up opposing demonstrators.

They’re pathologically fixated on their hatred for Trump. They call him a white supremacist and a racist, but if that were true why did Jesse Jackson once give him an award for hiring so many minorities? They call Trump a Nazi who’s worse than Hitler, which does nothing except to show their stupidity and ignorance of truth and historical fact. Their phony Southern Poverty Law Center with $50 million stashed away in offshore accounts is busy fighting poverty by listing 1,500 statues and memorials that must be destroyed because they’re icons of violence. However, if that were true then after 9/11 they should have been destroying all the mosques in America as well.

These people spread lies, rumors, and false propaganda about Trump with no evidence whatsoever. His 46 percent approval rating more than doubles those of both Congress and the media, and they still say he’s unfit to be president. Obama once used “I” 27 times in a 24-minute speech and they call Trump an ego maniac. Ignoring the fact that Obama commuted the sentences of 1,715 convicted criminals during his presidency, they berated Trump because he pardoned Joe Arpaio, who after fighting crime for 50 years with the DEA, FBI, and sheriffs department should be given the medal of freedom instead of going to jail. Remember when a Democrat congressman said Guam would capsize and sink if we put too many troops there? And they call Trump a whack job?

Where was all their ire when the black Democrat senator from Missouri said, “I hope Trump is assassinated,” when Kathy Griffin held up the bloody fake decapitated head depicting President Trump, or when one Democrat shot four people at the congressional baseball team practice simply because they were Republicans?

Who do these people think they are who try to eliminate hatred and racism by being hateful and racist themselves, vilifying those of us who grew up with “white privilege,” which isn’t real at all. Why can only whites be racists, and why do those who are so easily offended never hesitate to offend others?

Who gives these people the right to judge those of us who believe America offers the best and brightest ideals for peace, prosperity and equality. And what right do they have to teach our children that America’s not a place of hope and optimism but a place of negative and darkness in the world?

These people aren’t arbiters of justice, love, and peace, they’re haters and supporters of hatred. They need to be disbanded and their whole movement dismantled before they destroy what’s left of this country.

Larry Bargenquast is a resident of Paso Robles. Send your thoughts to letters@santamariasun.com.

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