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Extreme environmentalists are the problem

What will they try to ban next?


It’s interesting that the whole global warming thing keeps popping up. It’s like an undying echo from a liberal idiocracy that only pretends to be scientific and not political. Take Colin Loustalot’s recent Sun commentary (“Do your own research,” Jan. 23) in which he excoriates Andy Caldwell for being not only out of touch, but “rife with presumptuousness, false claims, and outright lies,” exploitive, vengeful, and disinformative about global warming. Wow, how can anybody be that misguided and wrong, especially when anyone with an iota of common sense knows there’s no such thing as global warming in the first place?

Global warming is just another liberal myth, fabricated by grant-hungry government scientists out of lies, half-truths, and phony computer models for the little people who don’t understand ocean currents, sunspots, planetary orbits, or the difference between climate and weather, or the fact there has been little temperature change in the last 100 years, and absolutely none since 1996. Remember eight years ago when Al Gore screamed maniacally about how the Earth would burn up in 10 years? Well, it’s not burning up. At least not in the United States, where three fourths of the country is experiencing record-breaking freezing temperatures unheard of in the last 30 years: blizzards, ice storms, record snowfalls. It even hit minus 134 degrees in Antarctica, where global warming pseudo-scientists have to be rescued from ice floes, which aren’t even supposed to exist.

It’s not even called global warming anymore. It’s now called man-made climate disruption, being more widely accepted, more popular, more apocryphal, and infinitely more alarming, which, of course, in turn goes begging for heavier fines, stronger penalties, and more EPA regulation. Plus, common sense dictates that anyone who tells you that global warming is causing freezing temperatures you can pretty much figure is ready for the loony bin.

Is there pollution? Yes, which of course is not good. However, since some sources report that 65 percent of all air pollution is caused by forest fires and volcanoes, it’s not only questionable but seriously doubtful whether man is responsible for the other 35 percent. In fact, because of technology the air quality is better now than it was in the 1970s—common knowledge for those who’ve done their research.

The real debate is not about natural extremes in weather but unnatural extremes in environmentalism. As Czech President Vaclav Klaus says, “The largest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity is no longer socialism, but the ambitious, arrogant ideology of environmentalism itself.” The U.N. indicated recently, and I’m not making this up, that in spite of the fact that China is one of the worst polluters on the planet, Communism is the best vehicle for fighting global warming. Capitalism, and all the developed countries like the United States, England, Japan, and even India, is the worst vehicle for fighting pollution. Really? Hmm, perhaps this is another reason for the whole global-warming/climate disruption psychology.

Speaking of socialism, communism, and their second cousin, environmentalism, this Christmas San Francisco held their “Spare the Air” Day. No one in the city was allowed to build a fire in their fireplace, even on Christmas Eve. Complaint forms were available to report neighbors who ignored the law, who must either pay a $100 fine or attend a wood smoke awareness class. A woodsmoke awareness class? Good grief! Can you imagine listening to some liberal drone on about the perils of woodsmoke for two or three hours? “And here’s Gabriella with a slide presentation on the dangers of secondhand woodsmoke.”

What’s next in the name of Mother Earth Environmentalism, re-education camps for Boy Scouts and backyard barbecuers? How about carbon footprint rationing cards, which must be presented to buy gasoline, take an airplane, or use electricity? What’s wrong with these people, anyway?

Time has proven that these anti-nuclear social reformers, pseudo-scientists, and their left-wing political allies are not only misguided and delusional, they are intellectually dishonest and unscrupulous. And from what we’ve seen from Obama and his administration, they’re not as interested in saving the planet as they are about amassing money, prestige, and power, and unfortunately, like all totalitarians and wannabe dictators, they will use whatever means necessary to accomplish their goal. Indeed, observe, think, and reach your own conclusions, although most of you intuitively already know the truth.


Larry Bargenquast lives in Santa Maria. Send comments to the executive editor at rmiller

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