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Way out there


It’s “pretty obvious what went on in this election,” according to Matt Walker, who made that comment on a Facebook post from local shock jock and resident right-wing conspiracy theorist Andy Caldwell, who lost to U.S. Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-Santa Barbara) and is now insinuating voter fraud on the Central Coast. 

“I think it stinks and we need to get to the bottom of this,” Gail Briggs McPherson chimed in. 


Totally Gail. It’s not like Republicans have had less registered voters than Democrats in California since 1936 or anything. Oh wait, they have, according to the state’s voter registration totals from 1910 to 2018. Republicans have actually been losing voters in the state for the last 15 years, as Democrats gain voters and the number of voters who don’t register for either party continues to increase. 

In 2018, almost 2 million more California voters registered outside of either party than registered as Republican. But no need to look at the statistics or rethink that party platform. Go with your gut! You sound smart. 

“It smells fishy. I guarantee you that YOU won,” Meyer Giesela said to the person who ran in a U.S. House of Representatives district that has been blue for its entire existence. Hey Meyer, did you know that Republican incumbent Assemblymember Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) actually kept his seat in the 2020 election. Must be rigged! 

“Dems will do anything to win. Santa Barbara was always Republican,” Marty Martinez states as if it’s a fact when it’s not, in fact, a fact.

And the list goes on and on and on of people who are absolutely certain that conservative Caldwell lost in a rigged election. Never mind that winning Republican Cunningham actually received 12,000-plus more votes in SLO County than Caldwell did. Never mind that Santa Barbara County’s more populous half is bluer than the sky or the fact that conservatives are in the minority on the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors. Never mind the fact that Caldwell’s post doesn’t make sense if you do the math that he asserts is giving the advantage to Democrats! 

It can’t be that Caldwell was too far right on issues from the family unit to the post office to appeal to moderate voters. Or that his commercials were weird. Did you see the Pac-Man ad? It must be fraud.

“Sydney Powell believes that up to 35,000 votes may have been added to Democratic candidate totals by way of Dominion voting machines. What would that mean for my race against Salud? I would have beat him!” Caldwell asserts, even though he lost by almost double that. More than 61,000 votes separated U.S. Rep. Salud Carbajal from Caldwell. 

Powell surfaced in mid-November, asserting that President non-elect Donald Trump won by a landslide (he’s losing by millions in the popular vote) because electronic voting systems (such as Dominion, which is used in California) had switched votes to President-elect Joe Biden.

Even Trump kicked Powell off his crack “elite strike force” team struggling to prove fraud in any of the states he lost. So, even he must think she’s off her rocker. And if he thinks that, then she’s probably way out there—like way, way out there. Just like Caldwell.

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