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Public servants

Come on U.S. Rep. Salud Carbajal, how could you possibly think that anything President Donald Trump says is "manufactured"? The guy is the most intelligent. The most honest. The bestest guy, who knows all of the most up-to-date correctest facts–especially when it comes to immigration. He might actually be the very first president in all of American history who knows the most about everything. 

His precious border wall might be the answer to every problem facing the U.S. right now. Don't want to pay for SNAP benefits? Shut down the government and blame it on the Democrats, who won't give you billions of dollars to build a wall. Got crime? Build a wall. Got economic worries? Build a wall. Got problems with poor people being able to look at your property? Build a wall. All the richest people are doing it, Trump told Congress in what could actually be the smartest letter ever written. So if America wants to look rich, it should do it too. 

In a political stunt to check on this manufactured immigration crisis, the Central Coast's very own Congressional representative took a little trip down to New Mexico with some fellow Democrats to tour detention facilities. The facilities are "haphazard," Carbajal said, and lacked food, showers, water, and until recently, medical services. Not surprising, considering the deaths that have occurred in U.S. Customs and Border Patrol custody. 

"The president's actions have done everything to create a self-imposed crisis, in essence a fake crisis," Carbajal said. 

Throwing a bunch of people into detention facilities that weren't designed for the crowds, without planning for it, without allocating funding, infrastructure, and the correct personnel for the job is indeed self-imposed for the Trumpster. And this whole budget mess, which has led us into week three of a partial government shutdown, is also self-imposed. Not only are children dying in the custody of our federal government as the country's ideological fringes argue over the merits of the most obnoxious phrase in the English language–"Build a wall!"–we are also failing to pay 800,000 of our public servants because that argument has waylaid the federal government's progress into 2019. 

And, Mr. Carbajal, all you can say is that Trump fabricated all of it in an attempt to get America to pay for a wall it never needed in the first place. Well, dude, how are you going to fix this mess? We don't need another political ideologue to rant and rave at a fellow elected idiot who happens to fall on the other side of things. We need a solution. 

Even the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors understands that. There were pats on the back all around for jobs well done at the Jan. 8 swearing in of 2nd District Supervisor Gregg Hart and the gavel hand-off to the board's new chair, 5th District Supervisor Steve Lavagnino. Supervisors commended the county for coming together to address the crazy series of disasters that befell South County–the Thomas Fire and the Montecito debris flows–in 2017-18 (conveniently leaving out the LA Times exposé on decades of county negligence regarding debris catchment basins in the Montecito area, but I digress ... ). 

Carbajal should take note of what his old board colleague said at the meeting, because it was only two years ago that he served the public on a less ostentatious, more accountable level.

"County government differs from our federal government. ... D.C. has ground to a halt and it seems like leadership from both political parties are more interested in castigating the other side than solving the problems," Lavagnino said on Jan. 8. "I'm very thankful and proud to serve with colleagues who don't always agree on things but strive to do the people's business." 

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