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Strange days indeed

Did you ever think you'd live to see days quite like these? I know I didn't, and I'm counting time in bird years!

Some of the stories are astounding and inspiring, like the recent NASA launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, which is sending the InSight probe to our neighbor planet, Mars. It's pretty cool that we're sending another robot to Mars to join the Mars Rover program in the name of exploration and science.

There is another story that's just as remarkable, but for a number of different reasons: Did anyone else's eyes pop out when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crossed the demilitarized zone border on April 26, shaking South Korean President Moon Jae-in's hand? The two spent the rest of the day holding hands, strolling through gardens, planting a tree, and signing treaties.

Wow, never thought I'd see the day! But, I easily could have foreseen that such a breakthrough would be used as a cynical life-preserver for President Donald Trump and his administration, all of which are drowning in scandal.

Most Americans probably never thought they'd see the day when the commander in chief and his cronies would be under multiple investigations for either paying off a porn star or possibly conspiring against the United States with a hostile foreign country, but there you have it. I don't blame the remaining Trumpsters for trying to glean some kind of positive story from the progress in the Korean peninsula, including Un's promises to end the country's nuclear weapons program. When you're trying to polish a turd that big, you take what you can get!

How likely is it that Trump was Un's motivating factor? You think calling him "little rocket man" on Twitter really helped? Or is it the idea that Trump is so crazy unpredictable that he might actually order a nuclear strike on North Korea? That's not a strong argument if you ask me.

I think there are many factors at play here, like how North Korea's mountainous main nuclear testing sight caved in on itself after too many tests and poses a massive radioactive mess. North Korea's probably going to need help with the cleanup.

To be fair, I'm sure the position the U.S. has taken against North Korea over the years had more than a little to do with Un's decision to extend an olive branch to South Korea. Vandenberg doesn't just launch rockets, but interceptor missiles and ICBMs, and they've done plenty of demonstrations of the technology before and since Trump got elected.

But if you want to argue that Trump is responsible for North Korea's denuclearization, then you've gotta explain that along with his decision to pull the U.S. out of the denuclearization deal that former President Barack Obama made with Iran. Hey, that's exactly what the Middle East needs right now, less diplomacy!

It takes a lot to surprise me, but the many stories coming out of this White House are astounding. I try to keep things focused on local issues, but the ongoing drama of Trump's presidency has an eclipsing effect on the news.

Just look at the damage Rudy Giuliani was able to do to Trump and Michael Cohen's legal defense over payments to Stormy Daniels—even before Fox News could get to a commercial break.

If only I could make such a splash! 

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