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Come back from recess!

While I loved school back when I was just a fledgling learning to spell and do math and recite historical dates, I really loved recess. The word itself still sends shivers of excitement down my hollow spine. To run! To play! To soar! Recess was practically magical, an oasis of free time amid hours of directed study—and that’s a special thing, no matter how much you love hitting the books.

I was a studious bird, yes, but I never wanted recess to end.

Until now.

I do want schools to preserve that sweet staple of youth as much as possible. But I want the California Senate members to get their butts back into their own seats, pronto.

Yes, I realize that school recess and Senate recess are two different things. I don’t care. I want the Senate recess to end, because the red circle around Aug. 12 on my calendar can’t come soon enough.

That’s when everybody should be back, and they’ll finally get around to moving AB 65 (Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian’s bill aimed at closing an ugly loophole in rape prosecution law) forward. I hope.

There’s talk these days of progress having been delayed because of a similar Senate bill that’s been introduced, and I can tell you that I’m simultaneously frustrated and don’t care.

There is no reason for Katcho’s bill to not move forward. None.

So get back from your break, senators, and vote. But don’t just make any vote. Pass this bill.

No more delays. No more hiccups.

It’s past time.


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