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Spotlight on: Sisters Gifts

“I always blame it on her,” Ana Curiel said of her sister.

So … much … stuff:
Ana Curiel manages to make a whole lot of things fit into her shop, Sisters Gifts and Home Decor.

Curiel is owner of Sisters Gifts and Home Decor. This curio shop is tucked behind a large brown fence in the Rooney’s Irish Pub parking lot in Old Orcutt. Despite the name, it’s not run by two sisters. Curiel names it Sisters in honor of her sibling, who encouraged her to open the shop.

Eight years ago, Curiel decided to leave her job with Agro-Jal farms—a job she really loved—to pursue something she loved even more. At the time, she was in the process of designing and building a home, searching for the same one-of-a-kind items Sisters now carries. Curiel discovered she has a knack for the décor hunt—and that she really enjoys it.

She opened her shop in a 700-square-foot space that belonged to her mother. It wasn’t too long before they renovated and moved to a 5,000-square-foot shop, where they stayed until the economy took a nosedive. Rather than give up, however, Curiel started looking around.

“I said that if I [found] a spot, then it’s meant to be,” she said of her venture.

What she found was a secluded spot at the back of the new development in Old Orcutt.

“When I walked in, I knew I could do something with it,” she said.

She loved the space and was encouraged by the fact that Casa Bella had moved from its streetside South Broadway location to the back. She figured she could make it work.

Curiel owns the store and runs it with help from her husband and their two boys.

“They’re a blessing to me: stockers, cleaning, delivery crew,” she said with a smile.

Her husband George is a welder, though his wife’s artistic eye seems to be rubbing off on him.

“I have him doing this now,” Curiel said, showcasing a weathered child’s bed frame.

George was on a job and saw the piece lying in a creek bed; he knew his wife would be able to make it shine.

It’s true that one person’s junk is another’s treasure. Anyone looking for that unique piece of something that will bring to life a bare corner can come into Sisters and leave with the perfect item.

Curiel works with her clients to provide what they need. She’ll order new furnishings, but the bulk of what she carries is stuff she’s found. With an artist’s eye, Curiel gathers items displaying their character and potential, the lost, forgotten, and relegated to the garage sale.

“We don’t paint or finish,” she said. “We place them and make them look pretty.”

Find Sisters Gifts and Home Decor at 201 S. Broadway, suite 203, in Old Orcutt. For more information, call 937-2244.


Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District Superintendent Paul Turnbull and Anya Eskildsen, president of Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, announced an agreement on Sept. 16 to expand the college’s high school program to the Santa Ynez Valley.

Beginning in August 2012, Copenhagen Business College will allow 30 Danish students to come to Solvang’s International Business Baccalaureate program for the first semester of their three-year “Higher Commercial Course.” During their stay, students will learn about cultural understanding, foreign business and economics, and language. Then students will stay with host families in Solvang, who will be paid $425 per month.

For more information, e-mail or visit on the web.

After 15 years in Nipomo, Andersen Van & Storage has moved to a new location in Santa Maria.

“It has been a smooth transition, and we are so very happy to be home,” said company vice president Nanci Andersen.

Andersen Van & Storage’s new address is 2255-A S. Oakley Ave.

For more information, call 929-6099.

Biz Spotlight was written by Intern Michael McCone. Highlights were compiled by Staff Writer Jeremy Thomas. Information should be sent to the Sun via fax, e-mail, or mail.

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