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Spotlight on: CA Massage Center

Beth Spinner, Owner


This re-imagined office space provides an optimal venue for relaxation and rejuvenation. CA Massage Center is now open and accepting appointments.

In Santa Maria, there is an 800-square-foot office space that has been completely transformed into something that could not be more different from a stressful work environment.

The new CA Massage Center on South Broadway is alive with positivity. An indoor fountain babbles quietly in one corner, and ambient music puts visitors instantly at ease.

Owner Beth Spinner set out to create a warm and welcoming environment for all those who step inside the CA Massage Center.

Besides the amenities that make it comfortable and inviting, it also provides a safe place for people to unwind after a stressful week. The building has a video surveillance camera at all times, and Spinner wants to ensure that everyone has a relaxing experience at her center.

“I want to build a rapport with the individual so that they feel safe at all times,” Spinner said.

A relative newcomer to the area, Spinner moved to California about two years ago. After a life-changing medical experience left her unable to walk for a period of time, she found massage to be a vital aspect in her recovery.

“It made me feel like a human being again,” she said.

The passion she has for this type of therapy is apparent in the way Spinner speaks of her goals for the new business.

“I’m going to be contributing a portion of my profits to a local charity,” she said.

As of now, she has yet to decide which charity she will be donating to. With so many deserving causes in the area, it will be a rewarding, but difficult decision.

“I think you should continually give back,” Spinner said.

With this community-oriented attitude, it’s clear the masseuse and the CA Massage Center have a great deal to offer the local area.“I’m just most excited to help people,” Spinner said.

And she is already doing just that. Recently, she gave free massages to roughly 20 hospice nurses as a “thank you” for all of their hard work.

The CA Massage Center provides a place where people can go to receive massages for back pain and many types of muscle-related issues. Spinner is recognized by the state as a masseuse after graduating from the California Holistic Institute in San Luis Obispo. She received high marks at the school, and completed 250 hours of training to receive her state certification. She is qualified in Swedish massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, and trigger-point therapy, among other treatments.

There are a variety of other incentives Spinner is providing. After 10 paid visits to the CA Massage Center, a client is treated to a free one-hour massage. And five paid referrals result in a free one-hour massage for whoever referred the individuals.

Aside from massage and other forms of therapy, Spinner has an ancillary retail license to sell a variety of rare and eclectic items. Healing stones, prayer beads, and Himalayan salt lamps are just a few of the many things that are available at the CA Massage Center. A local organic farm called Ruth’s Herbal Remedies also sells things such as lip balm and made-to-order teas in Spinner’s center.

The CA Massage Center is located at 1010 S. Broadway in Santa Maria. If you want to know more about the CA Massage Center—or feel like you could benefit from a relaxing treatment—more information is available on or 366-3318.



A recent employment study released by the Workforce Investment Board of Santa Barbara County and BW Research revealed that during the last six years, the banking industry in Santa Barbara County shrank by more than 40 percent, which is more than double the decrease experienced by California as a whole. And while the state has begun recouping jobs, the county continues to experience a steady decline in banking employment levels.

“Even though we continue to see a decrease in employment opportunities in the region’s banking industry there is hope for the transitioning workforce,” BW Research President Josh Williams said in a press release.

The study showed three industry sectors—business support services, technology and innovation, building and design—experienced growth in job categories relevant to workers laid off from the banking industry. The study also revealed that nearly half of all laid-off workers had worked for 10 years or more with their former employer. More than 40 percent of the surveyed laid-off workers responded they would like to find employment in their current occupation.

Bernie Smith, one of the laid-off workers, said in the press release that it’s encouraging to see local agencies supporting former Santa Barbara Bank and Trust employees, “but it is discouraging, however not surprising, to see the decrease in employment opportunities in the banking industry.”


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