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Spotlight on: Ozzie's Premium Yogurt and Gelato

Ken and Carol Boston, owners


Named for Ozzie the parrot of Evergreen Video, Ozzie’s Premium Yogurt and Gelato in Santa Maria offers all kinds of ice cream and 20 different gelato flavors.

It’s no wonder that within two weeks of opening its doors, Ozzie’s Premium Yogurt and Gelato is already set to be a sweet staple within the community. With a wide variety of both yogurt and gelato, Ozzie’s offers the best of both American and Italian desserts.

To some, gelato might seem foreign. But to Ozzie’s owners Ken and Carol Boston, it runs in the family.

“Our gelato is made from an old family recipe,” Carol Boston said.

This old family recipe is then sent to another family—one that has made gelato in Paso Robles for many generations. Along with staying true to local businesses and all-natural ingredients, Boston considers supporting fellow families to be important.

There is certainly a family-oriented feel to this particular shop. With pastel decorations and an open parlor, Ozzie’s instantly welcomes all those who step inside.

“We’re really light and bright,” Boston said of the cheery interior.

One doesn’t have to look far to find the inspiration behind the vibrant hues that color the shop.

“We named the store Ozzie’s because of a parrot,” she said with a laugh.

Though this might initially seem outlandish, it is indeed true.

Located next to Ozzie’s is Evergreen Video, also owned by the Bostons. Inside this video rental store lives Ozzie, a bird with kaleidoscopic plumage.

The resident parrot has been a familiar face in the store for almost 25 years, and it seemed right to name the new sweets shop after a bird that has been with the owners since the beginning.

“Yogurt and videos go well together,” Boston explained.

And thus, the expansion was natural. Now, one can rent a video and try an exotic flavor of Italian ice cream all in a single place.

“Gelato is a new thing in the area,” Boston said, adding that there are very few local places that offer such a treat.

People have the opportunity to try one of 20 gelato flavors at Ozzie’s. From the familiar notes of chocolate to the adventurous mixture of honey and lavender, the owners of Ozzie’s hope to have something for everyone, including local students.

The Bostons are looking forward to reaching out to nearby schools by providing incentives for students, such as coupons. For example, students could be able to earn a free yogurt or gelato of their choice for making the honor roll.

Through efforts like this, the owners would like to see Ozzie’s become a true partner of the local community.

“We’re just happy to fill our little niche right here,” Boston said.

They are achieving that already, filling their particular niche with sugary treats and a fun atmosphere.

Boston points out that there are healthier options at Ozzie’s as well. Some varieties of yogurt are low in sugar, and the desserts comply with certain dietary restrictions since all are gluten-free. With the vast array of choices, Ozzie’s seems to have something that can appeal to everyone.

Though opening a new business can be overwhelming, Boston still manages to take time to appreciate how well things are going.

“Planning this for so long and seeing it actually come true,” is what Boston said is the best part of watching Ozzie’s grow within a mere week and a half.

For now, Ozzie’s is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Boston pointed out that the hours will shift during the summer months, when the shop will likely open earlier and close later.

Though Ken Boston retired nearly five years ago, he grew restless and decided that the family needed something new. That “something” is Ozzie’s, which is now in full swing in the Evergreen Shopping Center at 3420 Orcutt Road, Suite 106.

When asked about her husband’s role in the business, Boston laughed.

“Oh, he’s definitely out of retirement,” she said.



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