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Santa Maria Sun / Biz Spotlight

The following article was posted on November 5th, 2013, in the Santa Maria Sun - Volume 14, Issue 35 [ Submit a Story ]
The following articles were printed from Santa Maria Sun [] - Volume 14, Issue 35

Spotlight on: Bardi and Associates Real Estate

Guy and Jolyn Bardi, owners



An often hinted at rule in business is to never work with your spouse. Work life and home life can blend together, and there’s no getting away from the office at home, nor heading off to work just to get out of the house.

But some rules are meant to be broken by those capable of doing so, which might explain why Guy and Jolyn Bardi have managed to stay married for 22 years so far while working in business together for 20 of those.

They attribute their success at both endeavors to the fact that they bring different strengths to the table—he’s the paper-pusher, and she’s the marketing guru—but even a casual sit-down chat with them reveals that they’re more on the same page than they might let on.

“We’re two total opposites,” Jolyn said.

“We’re definitely opposite,” Guy agreed.

Together, they’ve been Realtors for almost a decade, and their opposite attraction has been a benefit.

“Not every client is going to relate to me, and not every client is going to relate to Guy,” Jolyn said. “But between the two of us—”

“—someone’s going to speak their language,” Guy finished.

Together, they also decided take a big leap a year ago: They went for their broker licenses and passed on their first tries. Their goal was to get a year under their belts, working out any kinks and building up their branding along the way as they operated from their home.

Now that year is up, and they’re ready to expand. This month marks their move into an office space in the Orcutt Union Plaza. What will the space look like?

“Hopefully too small too fast,” Jolyn said.

That’s because they’re looking to expand people-wise, too. Guy explained that they’re looking to hire roughly half a dozen agents that will fit their boutique brokerage and property management company. They’re not interested in a mill-style agency that cranks out sales—instead, Guy said, they’re looking to attract quality agents who can grow into even better agents and negotiators, who can aid in the effort to educate clients when it comes to making informed decisions, who can work in certified luxury home marketing and still be confidential and discreet.

It’s about integrity, Guy said.

“Professionalism,” Jolyn added.



To that end, they’re focusing on the details, all the way down to ensuring they have quality business cards and sales signs. They’re aiming to build a team that shares their values of caring for and paying attention to all sellers they work with, from mobile homes to mansions. And they want to work with people who have a similar view of unyielding progress.

“I believe you can be successful in any market,” Guy said.

They also believe in sharing that success, though such sharing tends to happen on the downlow. When pressed, they admitted that they have a philanthropic side.

“We’ve been in the community forever,” Jolyn said. “We donate a portion of all proceeds to local charities.”

“I think it’s a necessity,” Guy added. “If people are doing well, they should give back.”

As for their constant presence in other’s lives, Guy said that they do like it. Plus, he feels the job demands it.

“We’re dealing with people’s lives,” he said. “It deserves all our attention.”

The Bardi motto is: “Smart real estate solutions start with great relationships.”

Looking to start such a smart relationship of your own?” You’ll soon be able to find Bardi and Associates Real Estate at 195 S. Broadway, suite 209, in the Orcutt Union Plaza. For more information, call 698-9454 or 448-6020, e-mail, or visit


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