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Athlete of the Week: Jamie Miller


Cabrillo High School soccer player Jamie Miller (pictured here in white) played an integral role in the Conquistadores’ success this season. The center midfielder scored seven goals and had 12 assists, leading her team to its first ever CIF Final. It wasn’t just Miller’s athletic ability that made her stand out, however; it was also her leadership skills on and off the field.


According to Conquistadores veteran coach Derrick Wong, Miller is one of those rare high school players who demonstrates her commitment to soccer on a daily basis. She talks the talk and walks the walk, both in practice and during games.

During the 2013 season and throughout the Conquistadores’ historic playoff run, there were times in which the team needed someone to step up and give them a boost. According to Wong, Miller was the player supplying that energy and pushing her teammates through the adversity.

“Jamie is our captain and a natural-born leader. She was very outspoken about the expectations we had for this year, and throughout the regular season and playoffs Jamie was the one moving our team forward,” Wong said.

According to Miller, playing soccer is all about being a ferocious competitor and giving her best effort.

“I play soccer for those games when the soccer field turns into a battle field,” she explained. “I love when my teammates and I have to push through those intense games when both teams leave their hearts on the field.”

Other than competing as hard as possible in every game, Miller set out into the 2013 soccer season with hopes of accomplishing a goal she’d set for herself and her teammates two years prior.

“Ever since my sophomore year on varsity, my teammates and I have wanted nothing more but to make it to the CIF championship,” she said. “After a disappointing loss in the semi-finals last year, and after losing a couple key players this year, most people were skeptical that we would have anywhere near the success we had last year—but we did.”

With the soccer season now in the books for the Conquistadores, a correlation can definitely be made between Cabrillo’s success and the work ethic of Miller and the other seniors. But according to Miller, the success they enjoyed this season would have never been possible without Coach Wong. The combination of Miller’s leadership and Wong’s coaching created an atmosphere that prompted the team to excel.

“Coach Wong is one of those rare coaches that truly cares about his players,” Miller said. “In his speeches before the game, he would always remind us of all the obstacles we had overcome, and that we could do whatever we put our minds to.”

After a successful senior season that capped a 12-year soccer career, Miller can finally look back and be proud of all that she’s accomplished.

“I really cannot put into words how much it meant to me to achieve this long-awaited goal with the girls I have fought next to for years,” she said. “I can honestly say that this season is the highlight of high school for me.”

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