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Athlete of the Week: Adam Hernandez


Adam Hernandez’s passion for judo began because he had nothing to do with his time.

“A friend of mine had me go with him to a judo class,” Hernandez said. “I showed up just to see how it was. A week passed, and I decided to stay with it.”


It didn’t take long for Hernandez to get involved with tournaments, though—even if it was accidentally. He tagged along with some of his judo friends to the 2012 Origins International Martial Arts Festival held in August to take some pictures and capture video. But his role on the trip changed quickly: His friends entered him into two tournaments.

“It was around my birthday, so they said ‘Happy birthday, we’re gonna buy this for your birthday,’” the 24-year-old Hernandez said.

He didn’t have all of his paperwork submitted to be an official brown belt, so this allowed him to compete in both black belt and green belt divisions.

The first tournament of the Martial Arts Festival Hernandez competed in was going to be filled with black belt competitors.

“Some of them are trying to get into the Olympics, and I was doing it because I love the sport,” he said.

He didn’t last long against the black belts, but Hernandez was content with lasting two minutes with people who dedicated their lives to judo. The adrenaline helped, though, as he competed next in the green belt division—in which he placed second.

In the meantime, judo has taken the backseat for Hernandez so he can study the ASFAB in order to get admitted in the Air Force.

“Who knows?” Hernandez said about competing in the future despite “hitting the books” for the ASFAB. “I’m a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy.”

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