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Athlete of the Week: Curry Parham


On Nov. 2, quarterback Curry Parham of St. Joseph High School’s Knights once again demonstrated why he’s one of the Central Coast’s best prospects for football glory. During their 51-28 victory against Bakersfield’s West High School on that day, Parham completed 10 passes for 249 yards and three touchdowns. He also rushed for 59 yards, 25 of which came from one run. Parham’s performance in this game alone was an amazing feat, leading the Northern Santa Barbara County Athletic Round Table to name him an athlete of the week. But his strong performance was only the most recent highlight in a winning season for the Knights.


Thanks to Parham’s many great performances and the strong efforts of his fellow Knights, St. Joseph’s record this season is 8-2 overall and 5-1 in the PAC 7 league. The Knights are now the No. 1 seed in the league. To get a better idea of how exceptional Parham’s performance has been, one only has to look at his stats. On average, the quarterback has completed 181.7 yards passing and 51.2 yards rushing each game for a total of 1,817 yards passing and 512 yards rushing for the season. His 96 completed passes for the season leave him with an impressive 60 percent completion record. Having nearly that many rushes, at 75, also reveals that, unlike some quarterbacks, Parham isn’t afraid to take hits. At 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds, his size gives him momentum that’s hard to stop, while his height gives him a good field of vision and throwing angle. Perhaps it’s the latter that’s allowed him to go through the season as of this writing without one interception. Parham credited the team’s success to the players’ attitudes, which he described as a matter of “just us staying focused from the beginning and not giving up when any tough challenges come ahead and just staying focused and pushing through no matter what the situation was.”

The success the Knights have enjoyed this season is also, as usual, the result of practice. Parham said, “We did a lot of crossfit training in the summer. So we focused on getting our speed up more. We still worked in the weight room—just not as much.” This training might help to explain the quarterback’s explosive rushing. On the subject of improving as a team Parham added, “There are many things we want to improve on, because as a team we want to be perfect. So we just need to put in the work each practice and push to be perfect.” He also credited the excellent work of the offensive line for the success: “[The offensive linemen] are a huge part of all the production that we’re getting from offense. All the scoring just starts with them giving us time for me to find open receivers and opening up holes for running backs.” In his appreciation of his linemen, Parham displays another attribute of great quarterbacks: deference.

When asked what his favorite part about playing for the Knights is, Parham said, “It’s just fun representing the school and playing for all these other alumni that never really had the chance that we have right now. That’s a big accomplishment for us.” Those alumni have reason to be proud of this team and their quarterback.

Parham and the Knights played against West Torrance High School at home on Nov. 9 in what they hope to be the first of five successful CIV games.

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