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Billierose Kleinbauer

Billierose Kleinbauer is part actor, part artist, part musician, part dancer. She’s one of those athletes who makes her sport look so easy it’s hard to see it as a sport.

Billierose Kleinbauer

“Dance is probably one of the most challenging things that I have ever done. To dance with good technique, you are thinking of 40 different parts of your body, making sure your stomach is engaged, your shoulders are down, your toes are pointed, your knees are stretched, etc.,” she said. “And at the same time, you must be in character and not showing the struggle of the movement on your face.”

Kleinbauer started dancing because, like most younger siblings, she wanted to do what her older sister was doing. She began training in classical ballet at Everybody Can Dance, which was in Old Orcutt at the time.

At 7 years old she was in what could be called her first dance production. She vaguely recalls dancing the part of a black cat at the Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival. From those humble beginnings she’s gone on to become an incredible dancer for Allan Hancock College, choreographing and dancing in pieces for Dance Spectrum and Dimensions in Dance.

“The hardest thing about pursuing dance is being able to find time and money to train and to improve,” Kleinbauer said.

It’s not surprising that she’s strapped for time considering she’s working on associate degrees in art, dance, and graphic design while preparing to transfer to a university. She’s not sure yet what four-year degree she wants because she’s into so many things.

“But I guess that might be a good thing—to have too many interests and passions rather than none at all,” she said.

When not dancing, Kleinbauer embraces the arts. Her musical talents extend from piano to the ukulele and the guitar. She also throws herself into the visual arts, both traditional and digital.

As with all endeavors Kleinbauer’s dancing has come with its share of aches and pains. There’ve even been times when she thought about giving up dance, feeling she wasn’t good enough. But she keeps pouring her soul into it, and as much as goes into dance for her, she takes at least that much out.

“I have personally learned about hard work, commitment, responsibility, working with other people,” she said. “I have earned great friends, memories, and experiences to remember and aid me through many of life’s challenges.”

As for the physical side?

“I have learned how to keep pushing through limits and how to take care of myself physically in order to stay in shape and healthy,” she said. “I have learned about setting goals and reaching them successfully.”

Kleinbauer explained that her friends help her toward her goals.

“I have many heroes in dance, but the biggest heroes are my friends who are going for their dreams and goals in dance,” she said. “I see them work hard and grow and accomplish things step by step. They are climbing and becoming something great.”

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