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Trevor Cole

By Kasey Bubnash

Trevor Cole

No matter what happens on the football field, St. Joseph High School head coach Pepe Villasenor always has his secret weapon, his Swiss Army knife: Trevor Cole. 

Cole, a senior, truly can do everything. He's a starter on both offense and defense, where Villasenor said he runs, catches, blocks, and works the field better than just about anyone on the Central Coast. 

"He's hands-down our most dynamic player," Villasenor said.

Cole is a quiet player, but as one of this year's team captains, he leads by doing. He's never arrogant or rude and is always a good sport–no matter how many touchdowns he scores. 

"He just acts like it's his job," Villasenor said. 

Cole plans to continue his football career in college. 

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