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Eric Lund


Twenty-five-year-old Eric Lund of Lompoc only bowls for fun, but he takes the sport seriously—even seriously enough to argue for its inclusion in the Olympics.

“When you compare bowling to other sports in the Olympics, it seems like a no-brainer,” Lund told the Sun. “It’s competitive and demanding, and it takes more skill than most people assume.”


To bowl well requires excellent motor coordination among other factors, Lund said. Bowling isn’t simply a matter of throwing the ball down the lane, he added.

“I find myself defending bowling all the time. Some people don’t even consider it to be a sport,” Lund said. “The easiest way to win that argument is just to Google the definition of ‘sport.’ Bowling fits!”

As much as Lund loves the game, he’s never considered joining a bowling league. Competing with his friends is enough for him, at least for now, he said.

Lund and his group of friends, most of whom he’s known since high school, spend most Monday evenings at Rancho Bowl in Santa Maria.

“Monday night is dollar night, so that’s when we try to go,” Lund said. “Sometimes we’ll get super lucky and it’s empty enough for each of us to have our own lane. But we try not to get our hopes up.”

But bowling isn’t the only thing Lund commutes from Lompoc to Santa Maria for. Lund currently works two jobs, one as a sales associate at Home Depot and also as an independent contractor for a construction company.

During a construction job last April, Lund accidentally stabbed his right hand while cutting insulation. After surgery, Lund had to wear a cast for two months—but that didn’t stop him from bowling.

“My left hand was fine, so I just bowled with that one,” Lund said. “I didn’t see a reason to stop over something like that. Of course, I didn’t play as well. But it was still fun. In retrospect, I probably should have used the bumper lanes.”

Lund had surgery again in October, this time on his back, but it wasn’t work related.

At age 19, Lund was diagnosed with skin cancer and has undergone various surgeries since then to treat it. Lund was unable to work or bowl for a month after his most recent surgery, but got back to both as soon as he recovered.

“I didn’t know what I was more excited for, to go back to work or bowl again,” Lund said. “Actually, I do know. It was the bowling. Bowling always beats work.”

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