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Krissie Miranda


Soccer has almost always been a major part of Krissie Miranda’s life. She played as a child and she’s played as part of the team at Righetti High School. And by the looks of it soccer will be a big part of her future as well. Krissie will play her favorite sport on scholarship for Clarion University in Pennsylvania in the fall while pursuing her degree, she recently announced. 

Originally born in Russia, Krissie’s parents signed her up for ballet lessons when they first arrived in the United States. At the time, Krissie was 8 years old and didn’t like ballet. However, her parents insisted she be involved in something.

“My parents were like, ‘OK try this,’ and they put me in soccer and I just fell in love with it,” Krissie said. Her love of soccer hasn’t faltered all these years, in fact, it’s only gotten stronger.


Krissie, who is a defender on the Warriors team, said it’s hard for her to pinpoint exactly what she likes about the game. “I just love everything about it. The whole bonding with the team, getting to travel, and of course all the working out,” she said.

Working out and eating right has been an essential part of her life and that’s a big reason why she decided to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition. That’s what she’ll major in at Clarion. 

“I’ve always worked out and I’ve always eaten super healthy—for the last 10 years. It’s just a part of my life and I’d like to help other people get fit and learn how to eat right,” she said.

Krissie was set to sign her letter of intent to attend Clarion on Wednesday, March 9, at Righetti, alongside teammate Alexandra Stewart, who is headed to California Lutheran University.

In announcing her signing, she said she believes a lot of dedicated people deserve credit for her success and made it a point to give thanks to everyone who helped her achieve this latest success.

“I would like to thank my coaches for always pushing me to do my best and my mother for helping me out and never letting me quit,” Krissie said in a statement prior to signing her letter of intent.

Clarion head coach Sean Esterhuizen also said he believes Miranda has what it takes to continue to be successful playing soccer.

“She’s very competitive and hardworking,” Esterhuizen said in a press release. “What has impressed me most is her work ethic, maturity, leadership, and respect for teammates and coaches. She is a true Warrior!”

Krissie was just as impressed with the Clarion soccer program and with her new coach. She told the Sun that she decided on Clarion because it just seemed to fit in terms of her major and the soccer program. “The soccer coach was amazing. He offered me a lot of help and guidance. I just fell in love with the school and with the coach himself,” she said.

Other than her scholarship to Clarion, Krissie said her proudest accomplishment has been getting chosen by the American International Sports Team to represent the United States and play soccer in Italy. She’ll leave July 1 as part of the team and when she returns she’ll begin her studies and join the team at Clarion. 

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