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Chrisshnay Brown



Playing one sport requires skill and perseverance. But participating in three sports is a feat that some would consider downright impossible.

For Lompoc High School senior Chrisshnay Brown, athletics are an important part of her high school experience. Performing her best during the volleyball, basketball, and track seasons isn’t only possible for Brown; it’s a privilege.

The multitalented athlete ended her junior year of high school with a stellar track season, but she’s not one to brag about the success she has found.

“It was surprising,” she said of the whirlwind journey that took her all the way to CIF.

Brown does her best to excel in her specialty events, shot put and discus. Each year, throwers are expected to increase their distance in discus by 20 feet. Brown accomplished just that at the CIF State Track and Field Championships, where her throw was measured at 137 feet and 6 inches. The personal best throw was an impressive feat, earning her eighth place in the girls’ discus final at the state championships.

Equally as impressive is the fact that Brown is the first Division III champion from Lompoc High School since 1997.

There are many people who have contributed to her accomplishments, including her dedicated coaches and teammates.

“They help me get through the bad days,” Brown said.

Her throwing coach, Michael Serar, is an integral part of her success.

“‘We all have bad days, we’ve just got to get through them,’” Brown quoted, illustrating the ways that her coach’s advice makes her stronger.

Her teammates push her to compete each and every time they practice.

“It’s good to have some competition. That’s why I like practicing with the team,” Brown said.

Despite the many highlights of last season, Brown is already looking forward to the future. Of the seven others who placed ahead of her at the state championships, only three of them were juniors.

“I’m excited to go and hopefully win at the meet,” said Brown, who plans to do her best at next year’s meet.

Beyond that, Brown aspires to one day become a UCLA Bruin and to continue her track and field career at the prestigious university.

Track season might have ended, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take a break. These days, you can find Brown continuing to do what she does best: making her coaches proud at practice.

Everyone is excited to see what happens next for this Lompoc Brave.

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