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A's plus art

The Los Padres Artist Guild and the Santa Maria Model A Ford Club get together for an afternoon of art, autos, and community in Orcutt


Keeping a car running could be considered a fine art—especially if it’s an auto that’s been on the road for nearly a century. The Los Padres Artist Guild is presenting its annual Spring Art Show and, as has been tradition for the last several years, is inviting Santa Maria Model A Ford Club members and their vintage cars along to join in on the free community event.

The “Arts and A’s Spring Show” will feature Santa Maria Model A Ford Club members like Gil Cardoza (pictured) with their autos as well as Los Padres Artist Guild Members showcasing their works.

The Santa Maria Model A Ford Club, or simply the Santa Maria A’s, is, like the Los Padres Artist Guild (LPAG), a group of skilled craftsmen and enthusiasts who enjoy showcasing their work to the community. The relationship has helped attract a more diverse audience to the art show, explained guild member Mike Corob.

“The artists and the car owners take a lot of pride in their work and like to share their creations and projects,” he said. “You could say about the cars, they are treasures, so [the owners] like to share them with people.”

President of the Santa Maria A’s, Jay McCord, makes the connection between the groups’ work, but believes the real connection is in the interaction between the clubs’ members and the community.

“They are both an art form; people take great pains to get their cars in nice authentic shape,” he said. “But it’s a good excuse to go and get the cars together and talk about them and go in and appreciate the art.”

The event takes place at the Luis Oasis Senior Center in Orcutt every year with the Santa Maria A’s filling the parking lot with vintage autos and the LPAG members showcasing their art inside. The Orcutt Lions Club will be providing breakfast burritos for sale in the morning and tri tip sandwiches in the afternoon.

Cruise on by
The “Arts and A’s Spring Show” by the Los Padres Artist Guild and the Santa Maria Model A Ford Club will feature a model A car show, an art sale and exhibit, and breakfast and lunch by the Santa Maria Lions Club on March 23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Luis Oasis Senior Center, 420 East Soares Ave., Orcutt. More info: 937-6295,, or

“It’s a really friendly show, and it’s one of my favorites because it’s simple,” Corob said. “This is a one-day meet-and-greet to talk to people, and hopefully we sell some things.”

The Los Padres Artist Guild will feature as many as 20 member artists showcasing their works in a variety of media. Watercolors, acrylics, oils, jewelry, woodwork, ceramics, silk paintings, and other handmade items will be set up for exhibit and sale by each artist.

“If you came to this show, you would expect to meet the artist standing behind their work, and they would be happy to talk to you about what they do,” Corob said. “It’s all hand done with lots of care.”

Keeping a Model A Ford up and running is a task that takes a lot of care as well. While many owners focus under the hood, lots of them enjoy keeping the interior and exterior in good shape as well.

“Most of us try to keep them running, and they are in all states,” McCord said. “A lot of guys are painting their own; it’s the hobby.

“We all have fun,” he continued, “and the cars are pretty reliable, honestly, you just don’t have too many problems with them, which is nice especially since they are getting up to 90 years old.”

Like the LPAG artists, the Santa Maria A’s members love to talk about their cars with each other and people who are ignorant of the history of the famous auto.

“The social aspect, coming to the meetings and shows, that is just as important to some of us as selling things,” Corob said. “And the Model A guys, they get together and socialize, and they love it when people come over and ask questions about their cars.”

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