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Long days

Arizona band Decker rocks Lompoc in support of its freshman release of gritty acoustic rock songs


On the road
Decker will hit the road in support of the release of Long Days, stopping in Lompoc at South Side Coffee Co. to offer up gritty acoustic rock.
Creative types have long been drawn to Sedona, Ariz., for inspiration. Perhaps it’s the beautiful red rock formations glowing orange in the sun that set the backdrop for creative thought. Or maybe it’s the spiritual aspect that some claim surrounds the area. Or maybe it’s a little more vague than that.

Brandon Decker headed to Sedona after attending college in Phoenix in a quest to clear his head and sort his thoughts. The result was his debut album, Long Days, a gritty acoustic retelling of life, relationships, and redemption.

“I guess I’ve had an interesting life,” Decker explained. “It’s kind of like my cathartic dealing with different experiences.”

 The album was entirely written and recorded in Sedona in collaboration with several local artists and an Arizona independent label, Mescal Porch Records.

The tracks are mostly acoustic-driven and have been dubbed “folk grunge,” but the addition of synthesizers and multi-layered harmonies lends greater musical depth.

Decker duo
Front man Brandon Decker wrote the album as a way to deal with what life is and what it could be. Along with cello playing, vocalist Nanci McDonald provides a sound that’s been dubbed “grunge folk.”
With a degree in philosophy, Decker explores life experiences and a somewhat troubled youth, resulting in songs that are real and lyrics that are gripping.

“As a kid, I moved a lot. I always had this gypsy-type lifestyle or something like that,” Decker said. “I’m 29. When I was 24, I sort of put my life behind me and really started writing songs.”

Definitely heartfelt, the tunes don’t come from a dark place. They’re catchy at times, often gripping, and always soulful, with influences from Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, and PJ Harvey.

“At first glance, it seems a little dark, but it’s my exploration of the way life is and what it can be,” Decker said.

Decker will be taking his work on the road as he embarks on a seven-week tour from San Diego to Seattle in support of the album’s release. He’ll be performing as a duo with Nanci McDonald, whom he met shortly after completing the recording of Long Days. The duo found an instant musical bond, creating a unique, melancholy sound.

Decked out
The Decker duo will be performing at 8 p.m. on Jan. 8 at South Side Coffee Co. For more information, visit To see some performances, visit
During their live performances, McDonald provides cello and vocals to Decker’s lead vocals, guitar, and harmonica.

Decker said in every song, he’s taking a moment and trying to work through it honestly. The sincerity shows through in his performances.

“What we do is we try to capture the vibe of the album,” he said. “It’s really heartfelt music.”

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