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Flower City Ballroom brings new entertainment opportunities to Lompoc


Most live music and stand-up comedy events in Lompoc take place in taverns and tasting rooms. It’s a norm Dominick Balsamo and his family set out to change when they developed the Flower City Ballroom.

The Flower City Ballroom opened in Lompoc in August, after three years of building restoration, construction work, and interior design. Co-owner Dominick Balsamo said he hopes the event venue will serve as “a hub for the arts on the Central Coast.”

“We are, in fact, the first major event center in Lompoc. There are other spaces here, but nothing that is anywhere near our size and scope,” said Balsamo, who co-operates the new event venue with his parents, Dennis and Sandi. “There are a lot of local bars that put on shows around here, too, but they are a bit limited in what they can do in terms of age limits on shows.”

Live entertainment for adults is easy to find in Lompoc’s bar scene, but not so much for kids and teens, Balsamo said, without enough venues open to them.

Don’t be late for the ball
Call (805) 586-3295 or visit for more info on the Flower City Ballroom, located at 110 W. Ocean Ave., Lompoc. Tickets to several of the venue’s events are available in advance at

“Your average local bar can’t do an all-ages show. Because we sell hot food, we can do all-ages shows and still sell beer, wine, and mocktails,” Balsamo said. “Some of our shows will be all-ages, some will be adults-only, and we are interested in doing teen-specific stuff as well. The kids don’t have a lot of safe spaces that cater to them. We want to change that.”

Located on Ocean Avenue in Lompoc, the Flower City Ballroom opened in late August, after three years of building restoration, construction work, and interior design. 

“A lot of blood, sweat, and tears was put into this place,” Balsamo said. “Ultimately, my goal is to make the Flower City Ballroom a hub for the arts on the Central Coast, a place where up-and-coming artists and performers of all kinds can share the stage with more established performers, in a safe environment that fosters creativity.”

On Oct. 8, local record label Connect the Coast, founded by hip-hop and rap artist Lorde Sanctus, will host an album release party and live show at the Flower City Ballroom.

Balsamo is a lifelong musician with a background in arts and event promotion, and he’s “been playing with the idea of opening a venue of some kind for most of my life,” the Central Coast local said. 

“As an artist and a promoter, I like to put on shows that are a little offbeat. ... I’ve always wanted my own place where I could put on the kinds of shows that I wanted to, without having to deal with, shall we say, ‘smaller minds’ getting in the way,” Balsamo said. “I also really enjoy bringing creative people together and fostering creativity in others, so I always wanted to have a central place where I could help others bring their visions to life.”

The slate of upcoming events scheduled for the Flower City Ballroom is full of live concerts, DJ and dance nights, and stand-up comedy events. The full list can be found online at, and tickets to many of the venue’s events are available in advance at

“We have a lot in the works right now, and plan to bring a lot of good stuff into town,” Balsamo said. “Our chief goal is to bring people together, set a positive vibe, and bring fun back to the world. 

On Oct. 29, the Flower City Ballroom will host a special Halloween-centric dance party, titled Rave From Beyond the Grave 2022.

“After the last couple of years, we could all use a little more fun in our lives.”

One of the next concerts on the Flower City Ballroom’s docket will take place on Oct. 8, when local record label Connect the Coast will host an album release party and live show at the Lompoc venue, which Balsamo described as “a big honor.”

“Those guys are super talented and really making waves in the industry,” Balsamo said of the group, founded by hip-hop and rap artist Lorde Sanctus in 2018. “We’ve also got some heavier, louder rock shows for those who prefer that kind of thing.”

On Oct. 29, the venue will host Rave from Beyond the Grave 2022, a Halloween-themed electronic dance music party with multiple DJs. 

“Halloween and electronic dance music are two of my favorite things in the world, and I’m excited to be able to smash them together,” Balsamo said.

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