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Fossemalle Dance Studio celebrates Marta Becket with performance


    To celebrate what would have been choreographer and dancer Marta Becket’s 51st season at the Amargosa Opera House, the Fossemalle Dance studio is holding a performance in her honor.
    Becket, who danced well into her 80s and died in 2017, will be celebrated in dance by performers from the Fossemalle Dance Studio including Citlaly Alvarado, Saray Duran, Isabella Hartley, Camryn Kemp, Taylor Kemp, Ella Raffo, and Amanda Russell. The performance is scheduled to take place at Becket’s Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m.
    For those interested in learning more about the event or venue, contact Christine Fossemalle at (805) 688-8494. To purchase tickets, contact the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel at (760) 852-4441. The venue is located at 608 Death Valley Junction, Death Valley.

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