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The Clairvoyants (Amélie van Tass and Thommy Ten) are a pair of Austrian performers who tour the country entertaining audiences with their uncanny ability to read minds and make predictions, often while blindfolded or suspended in air. In 2015, they appeared on America’s Got Talent, sharing the stage with co-host Heidi Klum. They eventually came in second place for the season, earning a flock of new fans. The Sun spoke to the pair about their long-running relationship and their show, which comes to Chumash Casino on Feb. 22.

The Clairvoyants mentalism and magician act features Amélie van Tass (left) and Thommy Ten, a pair of Austrian performers who astound audiences with their shocking ability to make predictions or read minds. The pair will appear at Chumash Casino Resort on Feb. 22.

Sun: How did the two of you meet? How did you decide to start performing or working together?
Ten: Both of us worked for a TV show in Austria. Amélie worked there as a dancer and I was a magician. We realized soon that we really like each other and that we have a lot of things in common. I can remember the very first time I saw her in front of the studio. I was standing on the street, huddled up against the cold, damp air, when she appeared, walking slowly out of the mist as though she were just now coming into our dimension from somewhere beyond.
van Tass: I love hearing Thommy tell this story. I did not see the mist around me, which I guess is how that works. The mist around you is too close to see. You only ever see the mist around other people. I really liked Thommy’s presence and somehow I knew, that I found the missing piece. Immediately we figured out that we want to create something new on stage and that we want to share it with the world.

Sun: What’s your relationship like working and being on stage together? What do you like about working together?
van Tass: We feel very fortunate to share the stage together, but also are a couple in private. On stage we had to learn to deal with unforeseen situations and being very spontaneous. It’s very important to feel your partner’s next move so you can constantly support each other. Of course, this special connection also influences our private relationship in a really good way. This makes us strong together.
Ten: Exploring the world with the woman I love is the best thing I can imagine. And sharing a magical connection with so many people every night on stage is just great, and we do everything to give our audience a great time.

Read your mind
The Clairvoyants, a mentalism and magician duo, will perform at Chumash Casino Resort on Feb. 22. The show starts at 8 p.m. at 3400 Highway 246, Santa Ynez. To purchase tickets, visit

Sun: What are some of the reactions to your act? What do people want to know after they see what you can do?
van Tass: The great thing about what we do is that people don’t have an explanation. They have the possibility to see the world through the eyes of a child again. Sometimes after the show people come up with theories and we feel that they are really excited about it. That is a fantastic phenomenon, because it shows us that people are dealing with what we do, and some of those ideas and theories are really creative.

Sun: What is something that people may not know about your act or being a clairvoyant?
Ten: What we do requires two people, both working in real time to create the illusion. Nothing we do is, or even can be, done by an individual. We literally have to work things out in real time, together. Each of us has to know what the other is thinking, or nothing will work. This is the real secret of what we do—the methods we use depend on an incredibly strong mental connection. It takes both of us working very hard to make it look so easy. We take our connection and we try to come up with unique ideas.
van Tass: Sometimes the audience maybe doesn’t know how important they are to us. Each of them makes our show unique. Sometimes we work with people and they do or say something that is so fascinating or hilarious that we will be talking about them for a long time. We want to break the invisible wall between the audience and the stage. People are not only in the audience and watch the show, they are part of it. That makes it much more personal and stays in their memories for a longer time.

Sun: What made you decide to go on America’s Got Talent? What was the experience like?
van Tass: America’s Got Talent was an incredible experience for us. It was an exciting, a challenging and wonderful time. It was a very intense time. It went over six months and during that time we were in a constant working and learning process.
Ten: The reason we went on America’s Got Talent was that we wanted to present our show to as many people in the U.S. as possible. AGT is the biggest talent show on earth, and we really liked the way they work and the style of the show. It was so great, to experience all the support from our fans in the U.S. throughout this time. Sometimes our fans ask us how it was working with the judges. We have to say that we loved working with them and including them in our acts week after week. After the show, we often talked to them, and they really appreciated experiencing something they haven’t seen before and didn’t know how it was done.
Tass:  And we are also happy to be part of America’s Got Talent The Champions. Our first performance just aired at the beginning of this year. It was the biggest prediction we’ve ever done because it was spray-painted in huge letters on the rooftop of the Pasadena Auditorium before the show was taped.

Sun: What are some of your goals for the show or yourselves in the future? Where do you see yourself in five to 10 years?
Ten:  We are very happy where we are right now. We’ve always dreamed of touring through the world one day, sharing our passion with people and take them away from their problems of everyday life for an evening.
van Tass: We also love to travel and to meet new cultures and countries. In our job we can combine all those things. And the best thing about it is that we can do all of this together. Right now we are working on our very first book together called Magical Connection. In this book we are going to teach people how to make strong connections with all sorts of people. People they know and they are close to, and people you meet from day to day. And we will teach them how to do it using the same natural senses we all share, by developing them in ways that most people never even think of.

Sun: What can audiences expect to see at the show? What would you want to say to our readers to convince them to come and check the show out?
van Tass: In our show, people will see some of our favorite acts from America’s Got Talent, but also acts they haven’t seen before. We are really looking forward to working on and off stage with our audience and make them feel enchanted.
Ten: It’s a fun show for the whole family, and every night is going to be unique and different. We are looking forward to it. After the show we will be outside to take pictures with people or just to say hello. We can’t wait to meet our fans.

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