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Central Coast landscape painter Marilyn Stankewich shares vision of her two worlds


From the icy frozen lands of Montana’s Rocky Mountain stretch to the rolling hills of the Central Coast’s dunes, Marilyn Stankewich’s work is centered on two very distinct worlds.

Art lovers on the Central Coast will get a chance to see the Lompoc Arts Association member’s vision of these two worlds in a show that runs through Jan. 31 at the Lompoc Library’s Grossman Gallery.

The Grossman Gallery in the Lompoc Library features local landscape artist Marilyn Stankewich through Jan. 31. Stankewich finds a source of inspiration along the California coastline.

“The exhibit is two things that I love in the world,” Stankewich explained. “The ocean here in California, and the Rocky Mountains in Montana, where my husband and I have a cabin.”

Stankewich said her work featuring local landscapes focuses on the dunes and coastal areas, which she fell in love with when she and her husband moved to the area nearly three decades ago. When her husband retired, the couple’s plan was to live full time in their Montana cabin, something that didn’t work out quite as they’d hoped, owing to the bitter and long winters.

“We found that it’s extremely difficult to do,” she said. “So then we decided to come to Santa Barbara because my family lived here.”

But Montana still inspires Stankewich deeply as a painter. She said that some of the beauty in Montana’s landscape has to do with the state’s higher elevation, which creates more saturated hues in its features.

Marilyn Stankewich’s paintings feature scenes from her cabin home in Montana as well scenery from the Central Coast. The artist is also a member of the Lompoc Art Association.

“It’s so beautiful in Montana,” she said. “You come into the state and you’re at a higher altitude. The sky is so blue and clear that all of the colors of everything are just brighter and more beautiful.”

Stankewich’s Montana cabin is near Falls Creek, which is dotted with multiple waterfalls accessible within a short walk. Painting a landscape in a dynamic environment such as Montana can come with some challenges, she said.

“You have to move fast,” she said. “Because the light changes within a couple of hours. So you either have to finish it right then or try to come back the next day.”

But even in the warmer winters of Santa Barbara County, Stankewich is still homesick for the Montana life.

See the show
Marilyn Stankewich’s oil landscape paintings are featured at the Lompoc Library’s Grossman Gallery through Jan. 31. The public is invited to a free reception on Jan. 13 from 2 to 5 p.m. The gallery is located at 501 E. North Ave., Lompoc. More info: (805) 875-8775.

“It makes me so happy just to be there,” she said. “It just makes me want to paint all the time.”

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