Wednesday, April 26, 2017     Volume: 18, Issue: 7

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How should county and city governments regulate recreational marijuana locally?

Tax, tax, tax! We need that money!
As little regulation as possible.
Moderate taxation of cultivation and sale sounds reasonable.
They should ban cultivation and sale outright.

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Santa Maria Sun / Art

The following article was posted on December 17th, 2013, in the Santa Maria Sun - Volume 14, Issue 41 [ Submit a Story ]
The following articles were printed from Santa Maria Sun [] - Volume 14, Issue 41

Counting our feathered friends


The National Audubon Society asks Santa Maria Valley birders to help in the annual “Christmas Bird Count,” an effort to catalog the number and variety of wild birds in the area.

“Winter bird counts in this area rank high nationally because of our local habitat and our location along the Pacific Flyway,” local birder Alex Abela said in an e-mail statement.

Abela will be birding along with several local bird-counting teams involved with the Santa Barbara Audubon Society. The teams will be equipped with technology to record the number of birds, including cameras and sound recorders. Birders will also play bird calls in hopes of exciting responses.

The Audubon Society invites locals to get involved in the bird count. The society can be reached through Abela at 934-2873. The Santa Maria Valley Visitor and Convention Bureau offers a “Birder’s Guide to the Santa Maria Valley” for $10. More information is available at (800) 331-3779 or